Where Is Property Brothers Filmed?

Over the years we have seen several series about renovating homes.  However one series that certainly has taken off in Canada is “Property Brothers”.   This particular reality TV series is produced by Cineflex and stars twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott.  

For most of the time filming of the series takes place around 1 hours drive from Toronto where the boys have chosen to set up home.  However filming has also taken place in Vancouver and in one series the decision was made for the boys to turn their attention to the US and filming was done in Austin Texas.

Although where is Property Brothers filmed important, people are more interested in the interaction between Jonathan and Scott as they help people to buy and then renovate homes.

It is very difficult to give exact locations of where the series are being filmed as the company who make it prefer to keep it a secret. The reason for doing this is quite simple the brothers along with the producers of the show decided that the location of the property isn’t important.  What is important is that they are able to focus on providing their viewers with information that could be used to renovate any home in any city.

When it comes to choosing the locations there are certain considerations that the producers along with the two hosts take into consideration.   They like to look to find a home that really meets their clients requirements, but that can also be brought and then renovated within their budget.

I would have to say that location doesn’t seem as so important as the kind of house that needs renovating along with the people who want the home renovated.   Unlike other shows that help people to renovate their homes with this one they choose to go for more average size homes.  This helps those who watch the series able to relate better, and see that there are opportunities for them to be able to make alterations to their own home to improve it.

As already mentioned the company that produces Property Brothers decided to do a series in Austin Texas.  The reason for this came down to two first factors.  The first being that the brothers were able to find homes that needed renovation costing between $200,000 and $300,000, whereas similar size homes in Toronto were costing around $800,000.   Whilst the second reason for them choosing as to where is Property Brothers filmed during this series was because they noticed a lot more people from central Texas had begun following the brothers on their Facebook page.

Hopefully the information provided above has helped to answer the question of “Where is Property Brothers filmed?” for you.

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