Where Was Couples Retreat Filmed

In answer to the question of “Where was Couples Retreat filmed?”  The primary location chosen by the director was the French Polynesian island of Bora Bora. 

It is a pretty sensational location and certainly many still believed that it isn’t in fact a real place.  The reason being that the waters were so clear and of course the huts that are perched out over the something are the kind you would only see in your dreams.

But of course the director of the movie didn’t come across the location by chance, it in fact too several months of travelling to various locations.  It is such a hard life really to find the one that was ultimately suitable in the director’s mind to be the backdrop for the movie.

Certainly when it came to choosing the location the director sent several months going from one location to the next, to find his perfect tropical paradise.   But before visiting locations time was spent on looking at numerous photos and then whittling it down to just a few.

However the reason for the director Peter Billingsley deciding upon Bora Bora was quite simple really.  He felt that it wasn’t instantly geographically recognizable to most other tropical paradises seen before.   Upon arrival you aren’t able to tell whether the island is Polynesian or Hawaiian.  It almost seems like the island hasn’t as yet made up its own mind where it is from.   All that Peter knew on his arrival was how beautiful the place was and that he wanted to be there.   I mean who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to spend a few months in such a beautiful location filming such a great movie.

For months he had been looking for location that truly represented the fictional place of Eden in the movie.  Yet he also wanted something that was much more than a specific locale.   In fact the combination of the clear water, beautiful golden sand and the amazing trees ensured that this one of the most beautiful places that we are ever likely to see.

Another reason of course might be for choosing this location when answering the question “Where was Couples Retreat filmed”.  Is that it hasn’t as yet been damaged by modern life.  This is because it is in the middle of nowhere so has always maintained a great deal of its natural beauty.  But having said that things may change in the future.   Certainly I can see an increase in people (especially couples) wishing to travel to this amazing location to enjoy the kind of peace and tranquillity that the characters in the movie enjoyed.   So just like the couples in the movie they will have the opportunity to relax and unwind and forget about all the stresses and strains our daily lives place upon us.

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