Website Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy of Movie Eagle, which will also be referred to in this document using the collective pronouns “our”, “we” and/or “us”. The website referred to in this document can be found at and may be referred to within this document at “the site”. The purpose of this policy page is to inform you of our policy in regards to collection of your personal information. Furthermore, this document explains our intended use and disclosure policies in regards to said information.

When you disclose your personal information to us, you can rest assured that we will use it only for purposes of improving the Site. When you use the Site, you are tacitly agreeing to our collection and use of your information in accordance with our stated policy.

How We Collect & Use Your Information

When you use our Site, we request that you give us specific personally identifying information so that we will recognize you when you visit and we will be able to contact you as needed. This information may consist in part of your name (i.e. personal information).

What About Log Data?

As with most websites, our site collects the information that is sent out by your web browser when you visit us. This is your “Log Data”.

This information consists, in part, of the Internet Protocol (IP) address of your computer. It also contains information regarding the type and version of browser you use along with a record of which pages you visit while using our Site. Furthermore, the date and time of your visit is recorded, along with how much time you spend on each page. Other miscellaneous statistics related to your interaction with us are recorded.

We may sometimes make use of a third party service (e.g. Google Analytics) to collect this information, monitor it and analyze it.

Our Communication With You

When we send out promotional information, marketing materials and newsletters, we will naturally use your personal information to enable us to deliver these materials to you.

Our Privacy Policy Is Subject To Change

This release of our Company Privacy Policy is in effect as of April 25, 2017. It will continue to be in effect with the understanding that some provisions may be changed as needed at future dates. Said changes will be considered to be in-effect immediately when they are posted on this web-page.

We maintain the right to add updates and changes to our Company Privacy Policy as needed at any time. For this reason, we suggest that you review this page from time-to-time to stay up-to-date. If/when we make a change, your continued use of this site will constitute your acknowledgement and acceptance of the change. By using the page, you are consenting to be bound and to abide by our Privacy Policy and any and all modifications.

If we make material changes to our Privacy Policy, you can expect us to notify you via your given email address or through an announcement, clearly posted on the Site.

Contact Us With Questions & Concerns

For answers regarding our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us.