Where Is Outer Banks Filmed?

Where Is Outer Banks Filmed?

Lights, camera, action! As a movie enthusiast and an avid fan of breathtaking TV shows, I always find myself intrigued by the stunning locations where these captivating stories come to life. The hit Netflix series “Outer Banks” is no exception. From pristine beaches to hidden treasures, this thrilling teen drama takes viewers on an unforgettable journey. In this blog post, we’ll dive into the real-world settings that serve as the backdrop for the adventures of the Pogues. So, grab your sunscreen and let’s uncover the filming locations of “Outer Banks”!

Charleston, South Carolina:

Our first stop on this virtual tour is Charleston, South Carolina. Known for its charming streets, historic architecture, and southern hospitality, Charleston provides the ideal setting for the show’s fictional town of “Kildare County.” This picturesque city offers a diverse range of locations, from the enchanting historic district to the vibrant waterfront, adding an authentic touch to the on-screen escapades.

Wilmington, North Carolina:

Venturing further north, we arrive in Wilmington, North Carolina, another significant filming location for “Outer Banks.” This coastal city boasts a rich cinematic history and has been a popular choice for various productions over the years. With its pristine beaches and striking coastline, Wilmington stands in for the show’s eponymous Outer Banks region, where the treasure hunt and thrilling adventures unfold.

Figure Eight Island:

One of the standout locations in the series is Figure Eight Island, a private barrier island located just north of Wilmington. With its exclusive residential communities and breathtaking beachfront properties, Figure Eight Island perfectly encapsulates the opulent lifestyle portrayed in “Outer Banks.” This idyllic setting sets the stage for both intense action sequences and tranquil character moments.

Bald Head Island

Situated at the mouth of the Cape Fear River, Bald Head Island offers a unique and captivating backdrop for the show. This secluded paradise, accessible only by ferry, showcases the untamed beauty of the Outer Banks. Its iconic lighthouse, pristine beaches, and lush forests are featured prominently throughout the series, contributing to the show’s distinct atmosphere.

Hunting Island, South Carolina

Last but certainly not least, we journey back to South Carolina to discover the awe-inspiring Hunting Island State Park. This breathtaking coastal park provides the mesmerizing backdrop for some of the most pivotal moments in “Outer Banks.” With its unspoiled beaches, striking marshlands, and dense maritime forests, Hunting Island adds an element of mystery and untamed natural beauty to the show.

In Conclusion

As our virtual tour of the “Outer Banks” filming locations comes to a close, it becomes evident that the series is fortunate to have found such remarkable settings to bring its thrilling storyline to life. From the charming streets of Charleston to the untamed beauty of the Outer Banks, each location has played a crucial role in immersing viewers into the world of the Pogues and their treasure hunt. So, the next time you tune in to this captivating show, take a moment to appreciate the real-world locations that make it all possible. Lights, camera, adventure!