How Many Chapters Are There in Final Fantasy Crisis Core?

In the game Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, the Goddess Materia refers to an important element of the game’s storyline. Crisis Core is a prequel to the popular video game Final Fantasy VII and explores the events leading up to the original game’s narrative.

In the world of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII, Materia are small crystalline objects that hold magical powers. They can be used by individuals with the appropriate training and equipment to perform various spells and abilities. Materia are often found in the form of small orbs and are typically extracted from larger Mako crystals, which are a vital energy source in the game’s universe.

The Goddess Materia, specifically, is a unique and extremely powerful Materia that plays a central role in the game’s plot. It is said to possess the essence of the Goddess Minerva, a divine being associated with the planet in Crisis Core’s world. The Goddess Materia grants incredible abilities and strength to the person who possesses it, making them almost god-like in power.

Throughout the game, the protagonist Zack Fair, a member of the elite military organization known as SOLDIER, becomes entangled in a struggle to obtain the Goddess Materia. Various factions and individuals seek its power for different reasons, whether it be for personal gain, world domination, or to protect the planet from harm.

As the story progresses, the Goddess Materia’s true nature and purpose are gradually revealed, and it becomes a catalyst for both personal and world-altering events. It becomes a symbol of hope, conflict, and sacrifice, with Zack ultimately becoming the chosen wielder of the Goddess Materia and using its power to fulfill his destiny and impact the events of Final Fantasy VII.

Looking to find The Goddess Materia Locations in Chapter 10? Here’s a quick explanation!

Quick tip: Once you enter The Depths of Judgement, it’s advisable that you focus on obtaining all seven goddess materia before veering off and fighting the behemoth king. The reason for this is that finding some of the goddess materia, veering off into fighting the behemoth king, then coming back and finding the rest of the goddess materia can trigger this glitch.

Light Materia

This is the first pf the Goddess Materia that you’ll encounter once you’ve entered The Depths of Judgement. After a brief cutscene, the light materia should be right in front of you, and just before the save point.

Heaven Materia

Continue along the path after picking up the Light Materia. After he save point, just turn right towards the rock ledge that you see. You’ll find the chest with Heaven materia at the end of this ledge.

Ground Materia

From the Heaven Materia, continue further along the path. After another bridge, you’ll come to the Ground Materia chest.

Star Materia

This one is a bit trickier. From the Ground Materia, continue until you reach a fork in the road. Here, you should take the left path, which will lead you to the Star Materia.

Life Materia

The life materia is the first one that you’ll find in the Lake of Oblivion. It’s right in front of you once you enter (from The Depth of Judgement).

Being Materia

After collecting the Life Materia, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Reunion players should head towards the center of/middle of Lake of Oblivion. The Being materia will be found in a chest here.

Sabbath Materia

The final goddess Materia can be found near the save point, close to the Cage of Binding entrance. Here you’ll find the chest containing the Sabbath materia.

After collecting all seven of the seven Goddess Materia, you’ll be able to proceed with the rest of the story. Please note that this guidance is based on the game’s general progression and the locations may differ slightly based on the individual playthrough.

The next step is to place all seven goddess materia on the pedestal in the Portal of Severance. Once you do that, you’ll fight a mini-boss. You can then proceed through the portal to fight the area’s final boss.

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