Final Fantasy Crisis Core is a captivating action role-playing game that serves as a prequel to the iconic Final Fantasy VII. The game follows the journey of Zack Fair, a talented young SOLDIER member who plays a pivotal role in the events leading up to Final Fantasy VII. Understanding the ages of the main characters is crucial for comprehending their motivations and the depth of their relationships. In this blog post, we will delve into the ages of Zack Fair and Cloud Strife.

Zack Fair: The Hero of Crisis Core

Zack Fair, the charismatic protagonist of Crisis Core, begins his adventure at the age of 16. Throughout the game, players witness his growth, determination, and unwavering loyalty to his friends and ideals. As the story progresses, Zack’s character development unfolds, ultimately leading to his fateful encounter with the Shinra army as he protects his friend, Cloud Strife. At the end of the game, Zach is 23.

Cloud Strife: The Iconic Protagonist

Cloud Strife, who would later become the main protagonist of Final Fantasy VII, plays a significant role in Crisis Core. At the start of the game, Cloud is only 14 years old and dreams of joining SOLDIER like his idol, Sephiroth. Cloud’s journey intertwines with Zack’s, forging a bond that shapes both characters’ destinies. He is 15 when he appears as a Shinra cadet, and is 21 at the end of Crisis Core.

Wrapping it all up…

Understanding the ages of the main characters in Crisis Core provides valuable context for their experiences and motivations throughout the game. Zack Fair, the central protagonist, begins his adventure at the age of 16, while Cloud Strife, the future hero of Final Fantasy VII, is 14. Sephiroth, Angeal Hewley, and Genesis Rhapsodos are all in their early thirties, each contributing to the intricate web of relationships and conflicts that define the Final Fantasy universe. Crisis Core offers an immersive experience, blending action-packed gameplay with compelling storytelling and memorable characters.

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