Everybody experiences those days where they boot up Netflix or Hulu, only to discover that they have already seen every decent film the service has up. The majority of us have not actually watched all the available titles on Netflix, if that is even possible, but it is reasonable to search for alternate options when one just cannot seem to find anything captivating. If one remains resourceful, they open up a laptop and launch a browser, but where to go from there? The web has millions of sites out there that allegedly boast HD versions of the most recent movies, yet the majority of them are just as reliable as they are legal — i.e. not at all.

This is why we have thrown together a collection of sites where one may watch movies online for free, absent of any lawbreaking or jeopardization to computer security. The following are some of the most trustworthy movie-streaming sites on the web and, together, they offer more films than a human could view in a lifetime. So get streaming, because some of the available titles will only be up for so long.

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Crackle is owned by Sony, so it features a strong collection of movies and TV series in Flash format from Sony Pictures Entertainment. In the assortment of feature-length films, one will find a nice amount of blockbuster hits alongside a vast offering of ambiguous B-movies. There is a varying library of freebies, but instead of offering titles on the site indefinitely, Crackle periodically cycles them in and out, leaving movies up for a limited time. Crackle is an excellent resource, and advertisements are a small price to pay for such a great assortment of free entertainment.


This one is honestly a no-brainer. Everyone knows that YouTube is the largest video-hosting site around, and readers probably already utilize the service for wacky cat videos and films of folks being struck with exercise balls. But one may not know that YouTube has a robust assortment of full-length movies as well. Sure, the bulk of these are B-list gems, but there are plenty of quality pictures waiting in there if one just does a bit of digging.

In addition to the no-cost movies curated by Google, there are thousands of flicks that will not show up until one searches directly for them. When searching for a particular movie, particularly an older one, it is worth undertaking a quick search on YouTube to see if it has been posted. These are not always exclusively posted by the movie’s rights owners, and several of them may be divided into segments and playlists, but it is still a generous option to have when free viewing is the goal.


YouTube may be the largest video-hosting service, but Vimeo might just be the best. Sure, them’s fighting words, but Vimeo certainly has the credentials to back them up. The site sports a crisp interface that is free from ads and has the advantage of an active user community that is largely regarded as more professional and effective than YouTube’s. From this population materializes a plethora of excellent original short and full-length movies. Vimeo also features an On-Demand portion where viewers may buy feature-length films and TV shows. Most of these are independently created by Vimeo users, but many contributions are produced by dominant studios as well. In any case, Vimeo is a superb location to view free movies.


Snagfilms is a video-on-demand service that boasts a variety of movies that one cannot find anyplace else on the internet. Incepted in 2008, it has collected around 10,000 independent docs and narrative movies. There is an abundance of rare flicks to view here, and since the creators have strived to set up dozens of partnerships, plenty of various streaming gadgets supporting free SnagFilms are available. The service is readily available as a no-cost application for iOS and Android, but it also is offered via different Roku apparatuses, Kindles, and many other streaming tools. The main website is also user-friendly and refreshingly simple to navigate.

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